Selecta Spray Gun

The SELECTA Spray Gun System

The Selecta cleaning gun is the ideal tool for the cleaning of laboratory glasses, pipettes, syringes, catheters, cuvettes, endoscopes, cystoscopes, cannulas and other objects in the hospital, laboratory or medical practice, i.e. everywhere where the highest hygienic standards and cleanliness matter.

The cleaning is performed especially fast, efficiently and thus cost effectively by water or pressured air. With the new Selecta cleaning gun, the water or air jet can be precisely and finely controlled by way of an innovative dosage mechanism, infinitely adjustable by moving the trigger. The maximum water or air flow can also be set by dint of a small knurled screw behind the trigger.

Products and Accessories

  • Selecta mit Metall-Schlauch   Selecta mit PVC-Schlauch

    Selecta-Spray Gun <PAT. 1769534> with conus and without tubing connector.... 
    ... with metal tubing
    ... tubing with PVC (Standard)

  • Tischrosette
    The practical Selecta-Tabletop-Rosette
    The tabletop rosette, a threaded hollow cylinder, facilitates the installation of the Selecta Spray Gun in the sink or a countertop. The spray gun is then within easy reach. The tubing with the respective connector to the water or air supply is stored away underneath the counter or sink, thus keeping the work area clutter-free.

  • Ansatz-Sortiment
    A set of attachments that meets every need
    Rinsing, suction or drying in every area of application is made possible through the set of 8 attachments. The standard set of 8 attachments is delivered on a stable storage rack for mounting on the wall. All attachments are kept within easy reach. 

  • Einfache Handhabung   

    Einfache Handhabung

    Easy to use

    The Selecta Spray Gun features a new type of internal flow control mechanism. It permits the smooth and simple adjustment of the water or air flow across the entire range of the trigger movement. The desired maximum flow can be set by using the small knurled screw located behind the trigger. It is then regulated via the trigger up to the set maximum value.

    All attachments are connected to the spray gun by seating them on the safety cone located at the spray gun tip. Even high pressure cannot disconnect them. The gun grip is heatinsulated.

  • The Selecta Spray Gun can be ready for operation very quickly: 

    1. The storage rack with the attachments is fastened to a wall near the sink or work area.
    2. The tubing is connected to the tap with an threaded connector. If the spray gun is to be operated with compressed air, the tubing must be connected to the air supply by means of a suitable connector (can not be supplied by RfQ).

Available versions

  • 64-20900-00
    RfQ-SELECTA Spray Gun Rinser new model complete with 1,5 m tube, guide cone, standard set and 3/4" screwing loosely 
    (not suitable for deionized water)

  • 64-20900-01
    RfQ-SELECTA Spray Gun Rinser new model complete with 1,5 m tube, guide cone, standard set and 1/2" screwing loosely 
    (not suitable for deionized water)

  • 64-20920-01
    RfQ-SELECTA Spray Gun Rinser new model with 1,6 m metal tube, guide cone, table-top rosette and 3/4" screwing assemled 
    (not suitable for deionized water)

  • 64-20920-02

    RfQ-SELECTA Pure Spray Gun Rinser new model 
    (not suitable for deionized water)

  • 64-20920-05

    RfQ-SELECTA Spray Gun Rinser new model with 1,5 m tube and guide cone assembled (End open) 
    (not suitable for deionized water)

  • 64-20920-06

    RfQ-SELECTA Spray Gun Rinser new model with 3,0 m tube and guide cone assembled (End open) 
    (not suitable for deionized water)

  • 64-20620-05

    Tip A for carheters, valves etc.

  • 64-20620-06

    Tip B for drainage tubings

  • 64-20620-08

    Tip C spray jet for rapid instrument cleaning

  • 64-20620-03

    Tip D for syringes and cannulas with record cone

  • 64-20620-04
    Tip E for masuring and blood pipettes

  • 64-20620-07

    Tip F for syringes and cannulas with Luer cone

  • 64-20620-09

    Tip G for bottles and Erlenmeyer flasks

  • 64-20620-10

    Tip H Selecta water jet pump for suction cleaning

  • 64-20621-00

    Table-top rosette 54 mm with guide cone

  • 64-20621-01

    Table-top rosette 54 mm with nut without guide cone

  • 64-20621-02

    Guide cone to screw

  • 64-20620-11
    Tip M long nozzle, straight, 10 in.
    (no longer available)

  • 64-20620-12
    Tip N long nozzle, angled, 10 in. 
    (no longer available)

  • SELECTA Standardset A-H mit Leiste

    Standard set A-H with stable rack

  • 64-20620-21

    Stable rack for 8 attachments complete with 2 screws without attachments

  • SELECTA Angle Plug "AIR"
    Angle plug "AIR"

  • 64-20630-09

    Screwing 3/4" complete

  • 64-20630-10

    Screwing 1/2" complete

Declaration on the gland - thread diameter

    • 3/8" - thread = 16,2 mm Ø
    • 1/2" - thread = 20,9 mm Ø
    • 3/4" - thread = 26,4 mm Ø

Spare parts for spray gun rinser

  • Explosionszeichnung

  • SELECTA Pistolenspitze
    Spray gun rinser tip complete

  • 64-20630-02
    O-ring 3x1

  • 64-20630-03
    Spiral tension pin

  • 64-20630-04 Trigger

  • 64-20630-06 Connection between gun and tubing

  • 64-20630-07
    Hose clip

  • 64-20630-08
    Replacement kit flow control

  • 64-20630-12
    Clamp for PVC-tube

  • 64-20630-13 Clamp for metal-tube

  • 64-20630-14
    PVC-tube (cut good 1 m)

  • 64-20630-15 Grip for spray gun rinser

  • 64-20630-16
    Sealing 3/4"

  • 64-20630-17
    Sealing 1/2"

  • 64-20630-18 Sealing disc

  • 64-20630-19 Tubetull

  • 64-20630-22 Hook

  • 64-20630-23 Metal tubing 3/4" junction, 1,6 m

  • 64-20630-24 Metal tube (cut good)

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