A word of thanks from our customers

Dear Rossana and Sven,

We would like to say a big thanks to all off you who made this trip in Tuttlingen so worthwhile.
Waauw, you really opened our eyes by showing how much time, effort, precision and how many steps every light cable has to go through before we get it. We have even more respect for what all of you and your employees do to manufacture the light cables.
We now realize that all cables on the market are not the same and how important it is to choose the right cable with the right optic and light source and … your cables are the best 😉
And now we understand much better where the prices come from, because we have seen with our own eyes it’s truely almost magical what you all do. It was an unforgettable fascinating experience which really exceeded all our expectations.
So amazing to see and feel your enthusiasm for what you do. We felt very welcome and really appreciated the time we got to spend at RFQ.
We can’t thank you enough, we went home with an even bigger love for what we do thanks to all off you.
Much love from Eva, Tine, Nancy, Bart, Marlies, Yoran, Gert and Annemie.

We would like to also thank our Chirurgical Maintenance family for organizing this amazing educational and fun trip. You guys rock!!
Kindest regards and many many thanks.

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