The Company

Experience and know-how gathered for more than 70 years of designing and distributing state-of-the-art surgical equipment and instruments did help to make the brand name ‘RfQ’ a household name at home and abroad.

The company’s head office is located in Tuttlingen which is generally known as one of the world’s leading centre for Medical Engineering. On the grounds of a
long-standing and efficient cooperation with national and international medical
experts and engineers the RfQ company was able to develop and launch innovative surgical equipment being protected by RfQ patents or utility models.

The expanding development of the company has necessitated the expansion of our business premises and storerooms over the last few years. After the demise of founder Gustav Adolf Renz in 1973, Hans-Wolfgang Renz, who had been working in the company since 1962, took over the management. He was able to boost the total output of operations with targeted rationalization measures. In the millennium year of 2000, in the 3rd generation, Daniel Renz took on the management of the company, which today is one of the most renowned companies worldwide in the medical technology segment.

Only a satisfied customer is a good customer - we at RfQ have stood true to this watchword up till today. That's why quality always takes center stage for us. Quality management takes place at all levels: from Administration to Production up to the Shipping Department.

RfQ is the address for all those who are accustomed to more than only “standard.”

We export our products to over 80 countries in the world at present

  • Europe

    Deutschland   Österreich   Belgien   Bulgarien   Kroatien   Dänemark   Grossbritannien   Finnland   Frankreich   Griechenland

    Ungarn   Irland   Mazedonien   Littauen   Luxemburg   Niederlande   Polen   Portugal   Rumänien   Russland

    Serbien   Slovakien   Spanien   Schweden   Schweiz   Tschechische Republik   Türkei   Zypern
  • Africa

    Äthiopien    Ghana    Kenia    Mali    Malawi    Mauritanien    Mauritius    Marokko    Nigeria

    Senegal    Süd-Afrika    Tunesien    Uganda    Zimbawe    Sierra Leone    Elfenbeinküste
  • Middle East

    Bahrain    Ägypten    Iran    Israel    Jordanien    Kuwait    Libanon    Oman    Qatar

    Saudi Arabien    Syrien    Vereinte Arabische Emirate    Jemen
  • Far East

    Bangladesch    China    Hong Kong    Indien    Indonesien    Japan    Korea    Malaysia    Pakistan

    Philippinen    Singapur    Sri Lanka    Taiwan    Thailand    Vietnam
  • America

    Argentinien    Brasilien    Chile    Peru    Equador    Guyana    Bolivien    Uruguay    Venezuela

    Kolumbien    Dominikanische Republik    Kanada    USA
  • Oceania

    Australien    Neuseeland
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