“BlueStarSuction” plaster suction system

This versatile and powerful suction apparatus was specially developed for the suction of plaster sawing dust. The throughput adds up to 1,100 Watt (PT 1,450 Watt), with a maximal vacuum of 1,900 mm H2O (2,100 mm H2O motor). 99.97% of all particles greater or equal to 0.3 micron are filtered from the exhaust air. (HEPA filter). Moreover, the suction apparatus has an electronic suction controller in an infinitely adjustable performance range from 500 Watt to 1,100 Watt.

The sucking is performed depending on the preset sucking throughput, with a noise level of 63 to 68 db (A).
In combination with the “Blue Star Cutter” saw, the electronic system switches the suction apparatus on and off automatically, depending on the operation of the plaster saw.

The saw can be put down comfortably on the suction apparatus.
The suction apparatus is delivered with a plaster saw adapter.

Technical specifications

  • 230 / 110 Volt, 50 Hz, 1100 W
  • Robust construction for maximum carrying capacity in continuous operation
  • Comfortable 6-foot frame with stand and tray
  • antistatic


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