Stainless steel support hand

Stainless steel support hand - "getting your hand lead-free"


Old-style radiology protection hands made of lead should be out of use and not encountered in
any modern hospital or private clinic anymore. Having a highly toxic material like “lead” in close
proximity with the patient and the radiological therapist is neither recommendable nor necessary any longer and should be avoided whenever possible.

The RfQ company has met this existing challenge by introducing a brand new hand exclusively
made of Stainless Steel which offers all advantages of a classic ‘lead hand’ and avoiding the toxic side effects of lead in contact with vital tissue at the same time. The finger parts of the hand remain their flexibility and bending ability for many diagnostic cycles and stainless steel offers to the practioneer to easily work with a hand of reduced weight given stainless steel is more light-weighted than lead.

Article 13-90499-31

Features and benefits:

  • Fixation of the hand in the required position of procedure
  • Usable for left and right hand respectively
  • No lead-induced discouloring in the washing machine of the Central Sterilisation Department

Available Accessories

  • Silikonringe passend zu Fixierhand (1 VE=25 Stück)

    Silicone rings (Single use product) match to support hand
    1 Package=25 Pcs.
    Article 13-90499-50


Here you get all important sheets and document.

Support Hand 3D-Model
Leaflet Support Hand Stainless Steel