Colored hoses for easy visual differentiation of various diameters

Colored Fiber Optic Light Cables


Bring color to your operation theater starting now. Why colored optic fiber cables? The background for this is simple and logical. As you know, different optic fiber cables should be used for endoscopes of different lumens. For colleagues in the operating theater or the central sterilization station, it is relatively difficult to recognize whether a optic fiber cable has a diameter of 2.5, 3.5 or 4.9 mm.
Starting now, this problem can be solved visually. That means: you define on a one-off basis that for instance “thin” cables for arthroscopy or urology will get the cable color red. “Thick” cables for laparoscopy get green cold-light cables. So you always have the right cable for the right optical device.
Our sales team is glad to advise you in questions of implementation.

Please note

The color coding system is only offered for High Performance Light Cables & for the Led WhiteLine Cables.
Standard Cables are available only with grey tube colour.

The following tubr colors are available:

  • Schlauchfarbe grau    RAL 7001 grey
  • Schlauchfarbe schwarz    RAL 9005 black
  • Schlauchfarbe lila    RAL 4008 violet
  • Schlauchfarbe blau    RAL 5002 blue
  • Schlauchfarbe rot    RAL 2001 red
  • Schlauchfarbe grün    RAL 6002 green
  • Schlauchfarbe gelb    RAL 1016 yellow
  • Schlauchfarbe orange    RAL 1037 orange

    (slight color deviations possible)
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